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Contact us today to schedule a meeting or set up a phone conference to begin planning for your special event. 

Our Process:

1. Meet with client or speak with client on the phone.
2. Send client secure the date contract with photo ideas to choose from
3. Create first Proposal for event
4. Revisions as needed of initial Proposal
5. After Proposal is finalized, send that with final Contract
6. Await the day  your flowers will arrive!

464 Bramblewood Heights
Marietta, OH 45750


A Flower Studio based in Marietta, OH 

Caroline designs with the intent and goal of speaking to the heart of each individual client, she also brings a bit of her passion for art and the natural world into each design.  

Blogging in a Fog

Caroline's Blog

Blogging in a Fog

Caroline Waller

I am new at this.  This blogging thing.  Not sure what to do with it, how it works.  However, like everything else, I'm just going to put my toes in the cool waters of blogging and see how deep I want to go.  

I just completed my second wedding of the year last weekend, and must say, I love a January wedding.  Of course, I like snow, so that helps.  Well, and flowers too.  We each view the world through the filters of our own minds, hearts, experiences, and passions.  That being said, I view much of the world through the anthers of a flower...or maybe that would be the pistil.

And about flowers, last night I attended a medieval music concert at my kid's school.  As I was listening to this raw form of music that seemed to vibrate off the veins of my ancestry, I began to think about how it reminded me of a flower in my garden.  It was music in it's simplest form, but packed with so much beauty and depth...just like a flower.  The hands that made those instruments, from the trees so carefully chosen in nature; whittled, sanded, polished into something that has the power to stir the human heart.  As you've gathered, I'm a purist.