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Contact us today to schedule a meeting or set up a phone conference to begin planning for your special event. 

Our Process:

1. Meet with client or speak with client on the phone.
2. Send client secure the date contract with photo ideas to choose from
3. Create first Proposal for event
4. Revisions as needed of initial Proposal
5. After Proposal is finalized, send that with final Contract
6. Await the day  your flowers will arrive!

464 Bramblewood Heights
Marietta, OH 45750


A Flower Studio based in Marietta, OH 

Caroline designs with the intent and goal of speaking to the heart of each individual client, she also brings a bit of her passion for art and the natural world into each design.  

Caroline's Blog

The First Snow

Caroline Waller


Finally!  I’ve really been waiting months for this day.  I awakened to a blanket of fluffy, diamond-like snow blanketing the Earth.  Some adversaries of winter can’t understand why I enjoy this cold, white stuff so very much.  Where do I begin?  It is pure in color and adds a whole new dimension to the landscape…pine boughs drooping with powdered sugar, red twig dogwood aglow against the stark white snow, knowing that beneath it Hellebores are kept warm underneath their natural blanket, awaiting springtimes thaw.  As a gardener, I enjoy the respite.  This is the time I start pouring through my seed catalogs, dreaming of greener times.  Maybe that’s the root of it, winter gives me hope.  It provides me with something beautiful to dream about.  That Technicolor, fragrant, intoxicating Southeastern Ohio spring.