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Our Process:

1. Meet with client or speak with client on the phone.
2. Send client secure the date contract with photo ideas to choose from
3. Create first Proposal for event
4. Revisions as needed of initial Proposal
5. After Proposal is finalized, send that with final Contract
6. Await the day  your flowers will arrive!

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A Flower Studio based in Marietta, OH 

Caroline designs with the intent and goal of speaking to the heart of each individual client, she also brings a bit of her passion for art and the natural world into each design.  

Caroline's Blog

Week 2 of my Seasonal Bouquet Challenge

Caroline Waller

Good morning, or afternoon wherever you may be!  This will only be a short post to show you week two of my seasonal creation.  All of these items were collected by my son upon his own accord.  So given his unprompted enthusiasm, I figured that I should probably do something with these wild, foraged goodies. 

When taking spring and it's offerings week by week, it seems that things are springing up slowly, but I know, within the month the "slowness" will become an unstoppable force of nature.  I'll be wishing time would slow down...  

This bouquet was created with wild Narcissus, Andropogon, Alcea foliage, moss, and an antique brooch.