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464 Bramblewood Heights
Marietta, OH 45750


A Flower Studio based in Marietta, OH 

Caroline designs with the intent and goal of speaking to the heart of each individual client, she also brings a bit of her passion for art and the natural world into each design.  

My Story

Caroline Waller

founder and lead designer

“I remember my Father taking us out on drawing excursions where I  learned the art of observation and aesthetics at a very early age in the hills of Southeastern Ohio.  The outdoors played, and continues to play, an integral part in my floral designs and nature is where most of my inspiration is gathered.”

Caroline Waller, founder and lead designer at Passiflora, lives and creates in the gateway to Appalachia, where her work celebrates the area’s abundant natural beauty.

Born and raised in Ohio, Caroline has traveled and lived around the world, studying fine art, horticulture, and floral design. After her first year at the University of Washington in Seattle, she came across an article about an organic farmer in Idaho, inspiring her to call the farm about internship opportunities. Instead of returning to U of W the following semester, Caroline packed up and moved to an isolated organic farm in Idaho, where she lived in a cabin two miles away from her nearest neighbor. “I experienced a lot of growth during that time,” she reflects, “I went back to school with a new mentality, I knew that I wanted to do something with the land.” Caroline switched to a major in landscape architecture, and after completing her sophomore year of school, she packed up and headed back to the East Coast for a two-year internship program in horticulture. Caroline also has had a fellowship in Washington State in a public garden, and lived three years in Philadelphia where she studied painting, drawing and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, while working as the head horticulturist for the Tyler Arboretum. After fifteen years with one hand in the dirt and one painting a canvas, she met the love of her life and returned to her hometown of Marietta, where she works and raises a family.

Passiflora was born in 2011, when a friend asked Caroline to help out with flowers for a wedding.  “It was the most natural thing I’ve ever done,” she says. “It combined my love of plants with my love of sculpture. It truly was the perfect marriage.” 

Through Passiflora, Caroline immerses herself deeply in the art of flowers, taking joy in continuously stretching her talent and creative vision. Her designs let the lavish beauty of the flowers speak for themselves. Whenever possible, Caroline uses locally grown flowers, including those from her home cutting garden and seasonal wildflowers she gathers from her family’s property on a ridge overlooking the Ohio River.

Caroline’s love for people equals her love for flowers.  “Flowers are my passion, but bringing joy to my clients through flowers feeds my soul.”  Passiflora’s team of designers adds a host of skills to the table, from large-scale event production management to creating arrangements and bouquets that reflect the personality of the client and embody the essence of the season.  Her business has blossomed, and now, not only does she design locally and regionally, but she has designed for weddings in Vermont, New York and North Carolina as well.